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MBBS in Bangladesh

Study MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Medical Under Graduate Program in Bangladesh – MBBS Admission for Indian Medical Aspirants

Advantages of Study Medical in Bangladesh

MBBS Program very popular among Indian, Nepalis, Sri Lankan Students due to low fees structure, standard of Medical Study after India – Bangladesh rank 2nd in sub continent. Culture & Food habit also same, Medical Colleges /Universities approved by M.C.I, W.H.O and other health organisations.

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Want to study Medical in Government University in Bangladesh :-
  • Bangladesh is the best choice for you to study Medicine if you can’t pay high tuition fees. Bangladesh Medical Colleges have seats allocated for International students. There are more than 75 seats for International Students in various Government run medical colleges of Bangladesh 30-35 per cent of seats reserve in private medical colleges for foreign student.
  • SAARC student pay no tuition fee, only they have to pay for their personal expenses such as Food, Clothing etc.
  • Non SAARC students have to pay U.S$3,000 per year as tuition fee. Hostel accommodation is included.
  • There are separate hostels for boys and girl students.
  • The medium of instruction is English, but some teachers use a little bit Bengali in their lectures. No prior knowledge of Bengali language is needed as one can easily learn Bengali after a few months.
  • Currently student belonging to India, Nepal, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Maldives, and Bhutan.
  • From India large number of student from all states like West Bengal, Assam, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir, Tripura, Manipur etc are studying in various Medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  • All the Government run medical colleges are approved by the World Health Organization. Dhaka Medical CollegeSir Salimullah Medical College, Shaheed Suherwardy Medical College are the top 3 best medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  • Low Cost MBBS Admission in Bangladesh with respect to Tuition fees, Hostel fees, Foods so overall study Cost in Bangladesh reduced and affordable for common middle class family student.
  • Admission on basis of 12th marks so No Donation or Capitation direct MBBS admission is in Bangladesh
  • Smile Education provide All admission formalities to securely get Top Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh. MBBS Admission in Government Medical College (FREE SEATS) under SAARC Quota (student must secure minimum 98 per cent in Biology paper  in 12th Exam), see Eligibility to apply Government Medical College

Medical Study in Bangladesh 2018-19

MBBS EDUCATION IN BANGLADESH Package Starts From INR. 8 Lakh for BDS, INR. 22 Lakh for MBBS (fees full depend on U.S $ to INR Conversion)

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh Session Starts Every Year on month of June-July

Admission process Ends month of October-November

First Year MBBS and BDS  Class Starts Every Year first Week of January

For Admission Process you have to send your scanned documents or personally meet our Offices.

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Study Medical in Bangladesh at the top medical college for MBBS, BDS, BSN, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, MPH Courses

Why MBBS in Bangladesh

(Better than MBBS in China, MBBS in Ukraine, Medical Study in Russia)

Medical Study in Bangladesh similar to Medical Study in India with all respect like – similar Syllabus, same books, similar Study Pattern, Duration of Studyalso same, Similar Medicine, Similar Diseases.

In Bangladesh Culture, Food habits, Language (English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic) same as India

MCI Screening test Passing Rates  89 per cent in first attempt to get MCI Registration
Numbers of Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are approved by MCI Act 1956

Bangladesh is Dry Country – Where Alcohol or any Drug consumption is illegal (Best Safest Place for Students Studying outside country)

M.C.I Recognised Medical Qualifications Granted by Medical Institutions outside INDIA.

See More Details here :

MCI Act Second-Schedule

  • MBBS admission under Dhaka University
  • Medical study under Chittagong University
  • MBBS course under Rajshahi University

For More Details Please Refer official M.C.I. Web Site

Low Budget Medical Science Study like MBBS, BDS in Bangladesh is Best Option than MBBS in other countries like CHINA, UKRAINE, RUSSIA, even Most of the Nepali Students going to study MBBS in Bangladesh due to unavailability opd.

Outdoor Patient turn out is huge in Bangladesh.

Very low cost MBBS in Bangladesh

We provide all the necessary admission related information for MBBS program in Bangladesh.  Apply Now