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The Faculty of Medicine was launched in 1946 under University of Dhaka with only Dhaka Medical College. We are dedicated to nurturing scholars and aspirant learners with the expectation that they will contribute to society through advancement of knowledge and pass it further on to new generations. University of Dhaka is well known for excellence in teaching, and leadership in research in the region. From its beginning, the Faculty of Medicine University Dhaka revolutionized the education of physicians, the practice of medicine and medical research by applying unprecedented standards to medical training. Rigid entrance requirements were established; the curriculum emphasized scientific methods updated time to time to meet the social and international requirements.

Our Mission is to produce scientifically trained, socially responsible, compassionate doctors and instill in them a spirit of inquiry and learning, to contribute to the body of knowledge in medicine and allied fields in a meaningful manner and to help serve the immediate and long term medical and social needs of our society.

University of Dhaka and our constituent colleges remain one of the leading health sciences networks for research and education in Bangladesh, with a global reputation for excellence and innovation. The changes, challenges and opportunities confronted by our world require rigorous self-examination and consideration of three crucial questions: Where do we go from here? How do we get there? How do we measure our progress toward those goals? Importantly, our academic goals must reflect our social responsibility and we continually strive towards that benchmark.

However, the journey has not stopped, Faculty of Medicine is still striving to adapt & incorporate more timely measures, to meet national needs on making a difference to people’s health, & to ensure the desired outcome in terms of intellectual ability, professional skill & humanistic attitude.

Thus at the conclusion, I express my solemn gratitude to all the personnel’s, whose effortless, priceless contributions, time to time, from the beginning till now, has enabled Faculty of medicine gain the crown of fame & pride, while I welcome new educationists, to researchers & trainers, in this aspiring sphere of Medical education to offer their own demanding contribution, in enhancing & enriching the reputation, glory & achievement of Faculty of Medicine.

Finally, I wish to commend our outstanding academic and administrative leaders whose contributions to our Faculty and the University of Dhaka deserve our highest praise and gratitude.


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