Why MBBS in Bangladesh

Indian Medical students in Bangladesh

Advantages studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Medical study in Bangladesh is now Best Option for Indian Students after Medical admission in India Colleges.

Most affordable MCI Approved MBBS Colleges Admission in Bangladesh Cheap package ​Medical Colleges
Low Cost MBBS Study in Bangladesh
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MBBS standard in Bangladesh – much Better than MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in ChinaUkraine, Russia

Nowadays Student don’t like to study MBBS in Philippines, China or Medical colleges in Russia for several reasons. Study pattern in Bangladesh is similar to Indian Medical Colleges M.C.I Guidelines. Low fees MBBS in Bangladesh no hidden cost involved.

Medical Study in Bangladesh similar to Medical Study in India with respect to Same Books Followed by students & Professors in Bangladesh, Same Syllabus like MBBS in India, Same Study Pattern, Duration of Study, Similar Medicine, Similar Diseases, Same Examination Pattern, Similar study plan.

Culture in Bangladesh same as India, Food habits also same, Language spoken in Bangladesh – English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic. same as India, Numbers of  Tamil, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu speaking Students can be found in Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong based Colleges.

Passing MCI Screening test 100 percentage for MCI Registration since same study pattern followed during 5 years MBBS Course.

Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are approved by MCI Act 1956 (Except USTC Medical College)

Bangladesh is Dry Country – No night club, No Disc, No Bar, No late night party, No Alcohol any Drug consumption is illegal (Best Safest Place for Students Studying medical outside country)

M.C.I Recognised Medical Qualifications Granted by Medical Institutions outside India.

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  • MBBS under Dhaka University
  • Chittagong University
  • Rajshahi University in Bangladesh

For More Details Please Refer MCI Website www.mciindia.org

Low Budget Medical Study is only possible in Bangladesh Medical Colleges.  MBBS in Bangladesh is best option than MBBS in other countries like China, Russia, Ukraine or Philippines.

Very low cost MBBS in Bangladesh

For Admission Indian Student can contact Smile Education Consultancy they help student to process all admission related documentation student visa processing and provide all the necessary admission related information for Medical study program in Bangladesh.

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Find Why MBBS in Bangladesh better than MBBS in MBBS in Philippines, China, Ukraine, Russia etc.

Now the apparent advantages, those we see, in Inter SAARC students exchange programs :-

1. Language:  The medium of Instruction – English is easy to understand for its South Asian dialect in compare to the Chinese-English. In general, Chinese people do not understand nor do they speak English, a major barrier of communication with non-Chinese.

2. Food: Tastes and preparation of food are also similar in this South Asian region than how they cook in China. We visited China Medical Colleges twice and found that the local Chinese foods to be non-compatible to our tastes. PS. The Chinese restaurants those we see in South Asia have cooking style and tastes far remote than what authentic Chinese food tastes in China.

3. Cost: Any Chinese medical college would be costlier than their Bangladeshi counterpart in terms of fees and lodging etc., given the fact that the standard of living increased dramatically in major Chinese cities after their great leader Deng Xiao Ping’s reform policies implemented since 1990s and getting pace every year.

4. Recognition of MBBS degree: As we found in MCI Website above that the accreditation that Bangladeshi medical colleges receive in most of the Western countries are better than the Chinese since the British ruled for more than 200 years. Medical study in Bangladesh is Best option for South East Asian counterparts.

Apart from these peripheral advantages Bangladesh medical colleges have, the Chinese would get better infrastructural facilities and instruments with very illustrative books (we are not sure if you can get one translated in English). The thing that one may need to learn (memories) is about 7500 Chinese Language Characters just to be able to interact meaningfully. For Science (Engineering & Medicine) we may has to double or triple that quantity of characters to do very good in your studies in China.

5. Travelling Cost: By road Rs 1100/- Kolkata to Dhaka (Everyday)
By Air – Flight Ticket cost Delhi to Dhaka 4700/- and Kolkata to Dhaka 4800/- (Everyday)
By train Kolkata to Dhaka 1150/-  AC 3+Food (Bi weekly)

6. No need to take any tuition classes or extra preparation to pass FMGE test since same MBBS pattern – No year lag

We request our parents/student dont make any final decision seeing Newpaper Ad or Phone Calls, Or Free Goodies like free Air ticket, Free Laptop, Free Tab.

Please research in Google, Wikipedia, Facebook reliable internet sources before make any decision to study medical in abroad. Most of agents for making $$ never give you proper information. Due to lack of proper guidance and information spoil career.

Last year we requite MBBS student to Bangladesh, who already lost one year in Philippines got frustrated and left MBBS course in middle – Most disadvantages in Philippines lack of outdoor patients and infrastructures of Medical colleges.

No More MBBS in Philippines or China or Medical Study in Russia