Best Medical Study Destination for Indian Students

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Low Fees Medical Study for Indian Students

Bangladesh is now best destination and became the best choice for Indian Students for medical study.

Best Medical Study Destination for Indian Students find out why :-

Every students’  parents cannot afford to study in Private Medical Colleges of India for huge tuition fees. Where as they have to pay only one fourth 1/4 of total costs than to study MBBS/BDS in India.

Low Cost Medical Study only possible in Bangladesh

So, private medical colleges of Bangladesh are providing best facilities and infrastructure for Indian students, Smile Education Consultancy Team authorized admission consultant process admission and promoting in India for MBBS in Bangladesh. Indian students take admission in various medical colleges of Bangladesh under foreign student quota.

Bangladesh Medical College one of the oldest and best medical college in country have seats allocated for International students.

There are more than 65 seats allocated for International Students in all Government run medical colleges of Bangladesh. Medical students under SAARC quota, students don’t need to pay any tuition fee even Hostel is also free, only they have to pay for their personal expenses such as Fooding, Clothing etc. For Non-SAARC students they have to pay tuition fees and other college expenses. Lowest starting package for study MBBS in Bangladesh U.S $ 30,000 (15 Lakh) in 5 years as tuition Fees, Hostel accommodation is included.

MBBS admission in Bangladesh

Medical Study in Bangladesh similar to Medical Study in India with respect to (Syllabus, Study Pattern, Duration of Study, Similar Medicine, and Similar Diseases), Culture, Food habits same as India. President of Bangladesh Medical College Association (BMCA) Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain informed Smile Education, “There are now 8000 seats at Medical colleges in Bangladesh. So we are keen to get more foreign students.

The Mode of study is English, same Syllabus, Same Indian Books followed by students, Degrees and Medical study pattern are also same as India. In Bangladesh environment, climatic condition, food habit are all same. Language is not a bearer since every local students speaks English, Hindi, Bengali also same like India. Indian students going to study medical in Bangladesh gets easily adjust with in a week.

But, to study MBBS in India we all know how expensive at present day, in any private colleges need minimum starting about 70 Lakh in 5 years. But in Bangladeshi Private medical Colleges, Indian students can get the degree at inr 21 lakh only.

BMCA said, in last 4 years, 382 students admitted from India, 742 from Nepal and about 800 from other countries.

The Standard of Medical Education in Bangladesh is much higher than Medical study China in Chinese Medical Colleges, MBBS in Russia, Medical Study in Ukraine or MBBS colleges in Philippines.

Eligibility to take admission in Private Bangladesh Medical College must have 60% in 12th HSC.
For Admission in Government Medical Colleges under SAARC Category student must secure 95% in Biology and 85% over all marks. Check out Eligibility Criteria here.

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Thats why Now a days MBBS in Bangladesh is Best Medical Study Destination for Indian Students