Eastern Medical College Faculty List

Eastern Medical College faculty list

Eastern Medical College and Hospital (Comilla) List of Faculty and Teaching stuff.
EMCH one of the top medical college in Bangladesh, here we find vast list of experience faculty in following departments.

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Most Experienced Group of Teachers make Eastern Medical College best Private Medical College in Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. Golam Samdani


Prof. Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman

MBBS, MS (Surgery)

Vice Principal

Eastern Medical College Teachers’ List

Department of Anatomy
SL No.


1Professor Dr. Md. Abdur RashidMBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy)Professor & Head
2Dr. A. B. M. Omar FaruqueMBBS, M.Phil (Anatomy)Associate Professor
3Dr. Ahmed Pear SalahuddinMBBSLecturer
4Dr. Jhuton Chandra BanikMBBSLecturer
5Dr. Riyadul Zannat RiyadMBBSLecturer
6Dr. Md. Arman HossainMBBSLecturer
7Dr. Barsha ChakrabortyMBBSLecturer
8Dr. Tania SultanaMBBSLecturer
9Dr. Md. Yousuf MiaMBBSLecturer
10Dr. Rayhan SharifMBBSLecturer
11Dr. Md. Abir HossainMBBSLecturer
Guest Teacher
1Professor Sahara KhatunProfessor
Department of Physiology
1Professor Abida Ahmed MBBS, M.Phil (Physiology)Professor
2Prof. Dr. Dipok Kumar SunyalMBBS, M.Phil (Physiology)Professor
3Dr. Susmita SinhaMBBS, M.Phil (Physiology)Assistant Professor
4Dr. Farzana YeasminMBBS, M.Phil (Physiology)Assistant Professor
5Dr. Dalia AkterMBBSLecturer
6Dr. Ummey SalmaMBBSLecturer
7Dr. Md. Sydur RahmanMBBSLecturer
8Dr. Md. Arifuzzaman MBBSLecturer
9Dr. Niger SultanaMBBSLecturer
10Dr. Dipa Sarker
11Dr. Din Islam Masum
Guest Teacher
1Dr. Shamima AkterAssociate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
1Prof. Dr. Sultana ParveenMBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)Professor & Head
2Dr. Fatma M. KhanMBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)Associate Professor
3Dr. Rupali DebnathMBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)Assistant Professor
4Dr. Sabera SultanaMBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)  Assistant Professor
5Dr. Shaheda Akter MBBSLecturer
6Dr. Sathi Rani SarkarMBBSLecturer
7Dr. Pranesh Bhowmik MBBSLecturer
8Dr. Shajib Kumar HazariMBBSLecturer
9Dr. Jannatul MawaMBBSLecturer
10Dr. Mehbuba Mehjabin EshaMBBSLecturer
11Dr. Sabrina Islam Mazumder
Guest Teacher
1Prof. Dr. M. A. SamadProfessor
2Dr. Koherin BasharAssistant Professor
Department of Community Medicine
1Dr. Musleh Uddin Ahmed MBBS, MPHAssociate Professor & Head
2Dr. Bishakha GhoshMBBS, MPHAssociate Professor
3Dr. Rehana SultanaMBBS, MPHAssistant Professor
4Dr. Omit SinhaMBBSSenior Lecturer
5Dr. Farzana RahmanMBBSLecturer
6Dr. Nirupom SarkarMBBSLecturer
7Dr. Mahbub AlamMBBSLecturer
8Dr. Fatema Akter LimaMBBSLecturer
Guest Teacher
1Professor Dr. Md. Muzibur RahmanProfessor
Department of Pharmacology
1Dr. Md. Zakirul IslamMBBS, M.Phil (Pharmacology)Associate Professor & Head
2Dr. Md. Faizur RahmanMBBS, M.Phil (Pharmacology)Assistant Professor  
3Dr. Md. Enamul Haque MBBSLecturer
4Dr. Kamrun Nahar BhuiyanMBBSLecturer
5Dr. Md. Abu NayeemMBBSLecturer
6Dr. Punam Rani DasMBBSLecturer
Guest Teacher
1Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali ChowdhuryProfessor
Department of Pathology
1Dr. Md. Saidur RahmanMBBS, DCP, M.Phil (Pathology)Associate Professor & Head
2Dr. Md. Zahirul IslamMBBS, DCPAssociate Professor
3Dr. Md. Kamrul Hasan  MBBSLecturer
4Dr. Nazmul IslamMBBSLecturer
5Dr. Omar FarukMBBSLecturer
6Dr. Aslam AhmedMBBSLecturer
Guest Teacher
1Dr. S. C. DattaAssociate Professor
2Dr. Tasnim IsratAssistant Professor
Department of Microbiology
1Dr. Nowshad Md. Wahidur RahmanMBBS, M.Phil (Microbiology)Associate Professor
2Dr. Arifur RahmanMBBS, M.Phil (Microbiology)Assistant Professor
3Dr. Tashmin Afroz Binte IslamMBBS, M.Phil (Microbiology)Assistant Professor
4Dr. Fatema Tuz ZohoraMBBSLecturer
5Dr. Arpita Raut MBBSLecturer
6Dr. Shimul MandalMBBSLecturer
7Dr. Mizanur Rahman BhuiyanMBBSLecturer
8Dr. Dalia SultanaMBBSLecturer
Guest Teacher
1Dr. Shahin Ara BegumAssistant Professor
Department of Forensic Medicine
1Prof. Dr. Md. Shah Alam MBBS, DTCD, MCPS (FM), MMEdProfessor & Head
2Dr. Abdul JalilMBBSAssistant Professor
3Dr. Toil ChakrabortyMBBSLecturer
4Dr. Md. Rabbi Hossain MazumderMBBSLecturer
5Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam FarhadMBBSLecturer
6Dr. Nigar Sultana EvaMBBSLecturer
Guest Teacher
1Dr. K. P. SahaAssociate Professor
2Dr. Fazlul KarimAssistant Professor
Department of Surgery
1Prof. Dr. Md. Ataur RahmanMBBS, MS (Surgery)Professor & Head
2Prof. Dr. Golam SamdaniMD, MS, Ph.D (Surgery), FACS, FICSProfessor
3Prof. Dr. K. M. Ashraf AliMBBS, FCPS (Surgery), FICSProfessor
4Dr. Alamgir Hossain BhuiyanMBBSRegistrar
5Dr. Md. Reza SarwarMBBSRS
6Dr. Al AminMBBSAssistant Registrar
7Dr. Syed Nesar AliMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Prof. Dr. Faruq AhamadProfessor
2Prof. Dr. A.B.M. Khurshid AlamProfessor
Department of Medicine
1Prof. Dr. Md. Azizul HaqueMBBS, FCPS (Medicine) Professor & Head
2Dr. Md. Arif Akbar SaibalMBBS, FCPS (Medicine)Associate Professor
3Dr. Md. Monjur-A-Khoda Modasser HossainMBBS, D. CardAssistant Professor
4Dr. Ripon Chandra MazumderMBBSRegistrar
5Dr. Md. Nuruzzaman ShabuzMBBSRP
6Dr. Md. Joti DevMBBSAssistant Registrar
7Dr. Morshad AlamMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Prof. Dr. Md. Shahab UddinProfessor
2Prof. Dr. Mahabubul Islam MazumderProfessor
3Dr. Rezaul KarimAssociate Professor
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
1Dr. Mst. Shamima AkterMBBS, MCPS, MS  Associate Professor & Head
2Dr. Kamrun NaherMBBS, MCPS, DGOAssistant Professor
3Dr. Saima AfrozMBBS, DGOAssistant Professor
4Dr. Syeda Anowara BegumMBBSRegistrar
5Dr. Farzana BegumMBBSRS
6Dr. Rabeya Nashrin MBBSAssistant Registrar
7Dr. Latifa NasrinMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Dr. Karuna Rani KarmakarAssociate Professor
2Dr. Md. Shakhawat UllahAssociate Professor
Department of Paediatrics
1Dr. Jamir AhmedMBBS, FCPS (Paediatrics), MAMS (Vienna) Associate Professor
Dr. Rumana AlamMBBS, DCHAssistant Professor
3Dr. Zahirul HaqueMBBS, DCHAssistant Professor
4Dr. Kamrul HasanMBBSRegistrar
5Dr. Roksana AkhterMBBSRP
6Dr. Hazera AkterMBBS  Assistant Registrar
7Dr. Liza SabrinaMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Dr. K. A. MannanAssociate Professor
Department of Orthopaedics
1Prof. Abu Md. Nurul AhadMBBS, D.OrthoProfessor & Head
2Dr. Md. Mahfuzur RahmanMBBS, D.OrthoAssistant Professor
3Dr. Md. Khaza AhmedMBBS, D.OrthoAssistant Professor
4Dr. Afzal Hossain Patwary   MBBSRegistrar
5Dr. Razib RoyMBBSAssistant Registrar
6Dr. Pronob Saha PinkuMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Dr. Md. Anwarul AzimAssociate Professor
Department of Opthalmology
1Prof. Dr. Mizanur RahmanMBBS, D.OProfessor & Head
2Dr. A.K.M. Kamrul AhsanMBBS, DCOAssistant Professor
3Dr. Md. Tanvir Hossain KhanMBBSRegistrar
4Dr. Zinia KhanMBBSAssistant Registrar
5Dr. Israt JahanMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Prof. Dr. Firoz KabirProfessor
2Dr. Md. Mizanur RahmanAssistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology (E.N.T)
1Prof. Dr. Md. Kalim UllahMBBS, DLOProfessor & Head
2Dr. Md. Anwar Ul AlamMBBS, DLOAssistant Professor
3Dr. Prodip Kumar ChowdhuryMBBSRegistrar
4Dr. Golam SarwarMBBSAssistant Registrar
5Dr. Sabina AkterMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Dr. Ratan Kumar Das ChowdhuryAssociate Professor
2Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam SarkerAssistant Professor
Department of Skin & V.D
1Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman Siddiqui   MBBS, DDVAssistant Professor & Head
2Dr. Farhana Fatema AnnyMBBSRegistrar
3Dr. Umme KulsumMBBSAssistant  Registrar
4Dr. Ruhul AminMBBSAssistant Registrar
Guest Teacher
1Dr. Md. Abdul MannanAssociate Professor
Department of Anaesthesiology
1Dr. Md. Golam SarwarMBBS, D.AAssistant Professor
2Dr. M.S. Towhidur RahmanMBBS, D.A.Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology
1Dr. Md. Fazlu Mia BhuiyanMBBS, DMRDAssociate Professor
2Dr. Poly SahaMBBS, D.M.UConsultant Sonologist
Department of Psychiatry
1Dr. Md. Shahid UllahMBBS, M.Phil (Psychiatry)Associate Professor
2Dr. Kamrul Hasan EmonMBBSRegistrar
Department of Radiotherapy
1Dr. Md. Khorshed AlamMBBS, DMRT, MCPS.Assistant Professor
2Dr. Syed Md. Nesar AliMBBSRegistrar
3Dr. Biplob Kumar RoyMBBSAssistant Registrar

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