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MBBS in Bangladesh Fees Structure

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh for Middle Class Indian Students

No Donation Medical Study | Low Travel Cost | MCI Approved Govt. University | Fee Structure for Session 2018-19

Five Years MBBS Course Fees Details for foreign (India) Students to Study Medical in Bangladesh All Fees is valid for 2018-2019 Session. Indian Rupees approx. value it may vary US$ vs INR exchange rates. Smile Education (Helpline +91-9903-033-033) officially authorized to recruit students for following medical college.

All Colleges under Govt. University which are MCI Approved. All payment direct from Guardian/Parents bank account to college account. Lowest budget MBBS Study in Bangladesh. Low travel cost. Other expenses includes Food, Books and travel. No Hidden Cost.

MBBS Fees in Bangladesh for Indian Students

College NameEst.Univ.Fees in US$1st Year PaymentFees in INRHostel FeesGPA
Dhaka National Medical College [1]1925DU48000300003,308,078$100/month10
Bangladesh Medical College[1]1986DU45000250003,101,311$120/month10
Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College [1]2005RU43000150002,943,582Included9
Southern Medical College2005CU39000150002,687,948Included7
Barind Medical College[3]2011RU37000160002,532,849Included8
Monno Medical College [1]2011DU37500150002,567,077$60/Month9
Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College2002DU40000140002,738,215Included7
Eastern Medical College2005CU40500150003,080,483Included7
Ennam Medical College2004DU45000200003,080,483Extra7
Uttara Adhunik Medical College[2]2007DU440002000030,50,000$120/month7
Green Life Medical College2009
East West Medical College
Medical Colleges Only For Girls
Medical College for Women1992DU48000220003,285,859AC Hostel $130/month9
Kumudini Women’s Medical College2001DU43100150002,970,497Hostel Included9
Sylhet Women’s Medical College[1][3]2005SUST38000150002,618,569Included8

Currency Exchange Rate $1 US = INR 73.50 [Last Update 12 Oct 2018]

Fees may be change according to College Management Decision
The above Total Fees which includes all College Fees, University Exam Fees. No hidden Charges or Hidden Cost. Travel cost and Food Charge Extra See Frequently Asked Questions

[1]  = Most demanding Medical Colleges, seats are fast filling.
[2] = Bangladesh Medical College (BMC) 2nd Campus in Uttara, Dhaka
[3] = Nearest to India, Only 2.5 hour from Boarder

List of Universities in Bangladesh

DU= Dhaka University
CU = Chittagong University
RU= Rajshahi University
SUST= Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

For Prospectus and Information Brochures Contact Smile Education Consultancy

Office Address

4, Santoshpur Lake West Road, (3rd Floor)
Arambagh Food Mart Building (Near Santoshpur Lake).
Kolkata – 75
Zip- 700075
West Bengal, India

Helpline 9903-033-033
Phone 091633-22022

Important Reference websites:


Barind Medical College and Hospital (BMCH)

BMC Fees Details Barind Medical College 2017-18

Best Medical College in Bangladesh with Lowest Package Barind Medical College

Fees details Barind Medical College & Hospital (B.M.C)

Barind Medical Fee Structure 2017

Total package in 5 years BMC Barind Medical College Fee details Barind Medical College & Hospital (BMC) 2017-2018 Lowest Fee Medical College in Bangladesh

Fees structure of Indian Students Admission in 5 years MBBS Course to Barind Medical College (BMC)

Total Five years package in Barind Medical College as follows:

At time of Admission  (Nov 2017) US$16500 (Hostel with attach Bathroom)

or   (Nov 2017)                                   US$15500 (Hostel with common Bathroom)

2nd Installment  (Dec 2018)          US$5000

3rd Installment  (Dec 2019)          US$5000

4th Installment  (Dec 2020)          US$5000

5th Installment  (Dec 2021)          US$5000


Total 5 Years Package US$36000 (With attach Bathroom) or US$35500 (With Common Bathroom)

In Indian Currency (INR) please convert with current date.


Monno Medical College

Fees structures for Monno Medical College and Hospital (MMCH), Dhaka University – MCI Approved
Fees break up of Foreign national (Indian Students)


Total Five Years Package for Monno Medical College and Hospital

Monno Medical College and Hospital MBBS Fees details Session 2018-2019

For MBBS admission of foreign students existing government rules will be followed with a reasonable fee for admission.

MBBS Fees in Monno Medical College and Hospital

Total Tuition Fees for Five (05) Years: USD 34,500.00 (Thirty Four Thousand Five Hundred Forty US Dollar)
Accommodation Fees: 50 USD Per Month.
Food : At actual cost self paid.
All Payments in US ($) dollar or equivalent local currency in Taka.

Monno Medical College Package

Monno Medical College Fees Details

[gview file=”http://www.mbbsbangladesh.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/MMCH-Fees-2018-19.pdf”]

Admission of Indian Students: contact Smile Education (Official Authorised)

Eligibility for Admission:

Monno Medical College is looking for Bangladeshi and foreign students who are hard working, honest, sincere and above all devoted to their professions and eager to serve humanity. A foreign student willing to be admitted to Monno Medical College;

Must pass ‘O’ and ‘A’ level or equivalent examinations and must acquire a minimum total GPA-7.
As per instruction of the Government of Bangladesh.

Ineligibility for Admission:

Declared unfit by the Medical Board.
Having previous history of unethical, immoral or any activity subversive of the state or of discipline.
Convicted by any court of law.

Payment Schedule for foreign students:

MBBS Fees details for Monno Medical College and Hospital

1st Year Seat Booking = 3,000 USD (30 Sep 2018)
Admission (31 Dec. 2018) = 12000 USD

Installment I = 5,000 USD (30 June 2019)
Installment II = 5,000 USD (31 Dec 2019)
Installment III = 5,000 USD (30 June 2020)
Installment IV = 5,000 USD (31 Dec 2020)
Installment V = 2,500 USD (30 June 2021)
Grand total US$ 37,500 (Excluding food and accommodation) Convert in Indian Rupees —> Rs. 2,534,600 (Approx as on 9 June 2018 rates)

Hostel Fees 60 USD per month.
During Admission first Six months hostel accommodation pay in advance Total 360 USD

Food Actual – Self Dinning per month

All Payments in US dollar ($) or equivalent local currency in Taka (৳) .

Conduct and Discipline:

All Students must abide by all the rules and regulations of the college. Non adherence to these rules and regulations will make the students liable to disciplinary action which may range from warning to expulsion from the college. Students in the college are forbidden for organize union, association or society other than that setup by the authority in order to enrich their physical, intellectual and ethical developments.

Bond / Undertaking :

The candidates and their parents/ guardians must sign bonds before admission on non-judicial stamps stating the terms and conditions of study, conduct and discipline of the college.

Monno City, Gilondo, Manikganj, Dhaka Bangladesh.

Admission process contact

SMILE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY – Kolkata, India (Authorised Information Center)

Mrs. Reepa Biswas (+91-91633 22022)
Helpline 9903 033 033
Office Address:
4, Santoshpur Lake West Road,
Kolkata – 700075
(5 min from Jadavpur Station or E.M By Pass)
West Bengal, India
Phone: 033 4062 8147
Mobile: +91-988312-3838 / +91-903864-3838

Email: monno@mbbsinbd.com


Dhaka National Medical College Fees Structure

Fee And Scholarships Dhaka National Medical College
Admission and Tuition Fees for Session 2018-2019

Foreign students MBBS Fees

Admission fees (at a time) US$ 30,000/- (USD Thirty thousand) only.
Monthly tuition fee US$ 300 (USD Three hundred)

Total Package US$ 48000 ( Excluding Accommodation)

Accommodation and Food (Approx) USD 100 Per Month

Dhaka National Medical College Fees Structure

General Information for payment of tuition fees:


All mark sheets, certificates & testimonials must be attested by their educational board, education ministry and the foreign ministry of their respective country.
Students must be fill-up a prescribed form which is available in the embassy/high commission of Bangladesh in their own country.
Equivalence certificate issued by the Director, Medical Education and DG Health of Bangladesh.
You have to learn Bangla to communicate with the patient.
Price of Form is taka 1200 (One thousand two hundred)
Medical Check-up by the college authority
Accommodation is available for foreign students


Admission fee US$ 30,000
Tuition fee: First month to until passing the course US$ 300 (per month)

Foreign students have to pay tuition fees half yearly basis according to following way:

For January to June period tuition fees might be paid by 31st March without fine.

For July to December period tuition fees might be paid by 30th September without fine.

Any student failing to pay his/her January to June period tuition fees by 30th June and July to December period tuition fees by 31st December his/her name will be stuck off from the attendance register. In such case US$ 300/- along with arrears tuition fees have to be paid for re-enrollment.

Foreign students should pay their tuition fees in US$ as Foreign DD. Also he/she can pay in local currency, in that case the conversion rate of US$ to local currency will be fixed up by the college authority on the basis of Bank selling rate during the time of payment. Foreign students if failed to pay their tuition fees within the stipulated time a fine of US$ 1.00 per day along with arrears tuition fees is payable.

Residential Facilities

At present there are limited residential facilities for Bangladeshi and foreign students under the supervision of college authority. Private rental houses are also available around the college at a reasonable cost.
Seat rent per month will be charged from the students and must be paid by 10th for local and 20th for foreign Students of each month. After a fine of 10 (ten) taka per day is payable.

Three months advance notice is mandatory if any student wants to vacate his/her seat.


Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka Fees Structure for session 2014-15

bmc fees details


Eastern Medical College and Hospital Comilla
Eastern Medical College and Hospital Comilla - MCI Approved

EASTERN MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL Kabila (Dhaka-Chittagong Highway), Comilla, Bangladesh.

Eastern Medical College And Hospital Total 5 years package

MBBS Package in EMCH

Admission Enquiry – Indian Students Contact Official Information Center in Kolkata Smile Education

Phone: +91 9903 033 033
Email: info@mbbsbangladesh.com


1. Five years Course Fee$ 13,000.00
2. Development Fee$ 4,000.00
3. Admission Fee$ 7,000.00
4. Session fee ($1000 X 5 years)$ 5,000.00
5. Tuition fee per month ($160 X 60 months)$ 9,600.00
6. Lab fee$ 1,700.00
7. Certificate Conversion fee$ 200.00
Total$ 40,500.00
Less Discount for Indian & Nepalese Students$ 4,000.00
Total (Without Lodging & Registration Fees)$ 36,500.00
Add. University Registration, BM&DC and Other fees$ 1,500.00
Add. Hostel Admission and lodging fees (5 Years)$ 2,500.00
Grand Total (USD) = $ 40,500.00

In Words: In Words: Forty Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars.

Mode of Payment: (With lodging without food) 

Installment Payment Schedules

  1. Mode of Payment: (Without food)
    1. Booking Money (within September 2018)$ 2,000.00 (Nonrefundable)
    2. First Installment (within November 2018)$ 15,000.00
    3. within 30th June 2019$ 5,000.00
    4. within 31st December 2019$ 3,500.00
    5. within 30th June 2020$ 3,000.00
    6. within 31st December 2020$ 3,000.00
    7. within 30th June 2021$ 3,000.00
    8. within 31st December 2021$ 3,000.00
    9. within 30th June 2022$ 3,000.00
    Total Amount Payable: $ 40,500.00(With Lodging and Registration Fees)

    In Words: Forty Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars.

 EMCH Fee Structure 2017

** Total Amount for Overseas Students (other than Nepalese & Indian students) will be $44,000 (Forty One Thousand USD)  


  1. Students who fail to come out successful during a regular period of 5 years will become irregular. They have to pay $ 1,000.00 (One thousand US dollars) as session fee per year in addition to usual monthly tuition fee.
  2. Foreign students, interested to undergo Internship Training in Eastern Medical College Hospital will have to pay additional fees as per prevailing rules of Govt. of Bangladesh.
  3. If a student wants to discontinue his/her studies within one year after getting admitted into the college, he/she will have to pay 60% of the agreed total cost of education before getting clearance certificate from the college.
  4. * All financial transactions should be made directly to the college authority through T.T.

Dhaka Bank Ltd. Comilla Branch, Bangladesh
Account Name: Eastern Medical College & Hospital Ltd.
A/C No. 0711000000003615
Swift Code: DHBLBDDH

Shah Md. Selim -(Chairman)

Eastern Medical College

Comilla, Bangladesh.

Admission Cell: +91-91633 22022


Fees Structure in North Bengal Medical College

Foreign student fees details:

For admission: 1st year MBBS Foreign student will pay the following for session year 2013-2014 :

Detail Fees structure to be pain in USD ($)
The fees to be paid are as follows:

FEESUnitAmountGrand Total
1. Development Fees (For each student)
2. Tution Fees (First 18 months) per Month 18 X 200 $
3. Tution Fees (Last 42 months) per Month 42 X 200 $
4. Equivalence Certificate for DGHS
5. Other Fees

NB: Foreign students willing to undergo internship training in this institution & hospital shall have to pay $300 per month for 12 months.


Hostel Accommodation:

Hostel Fees in North Bengal Medical College

There are limited number of Hostel accommodations for the girl student in the college campus, which will be allocated female students in “first come first serve basis” on payment of  Tk. 600/= (five hundred and fifty only) per month.

A Hostel development fee Tk.10,000/= has to be paid. Details may be obtained from the College office.

There is no hostel for male students. But the college office shall try to find accommodation of the male student in rent houses in the close vicinity of the college. The students have to bear the actual expenses for this purpose.

Green Life Medical College Fees

mbbs fees

Fees Details in Green Life Medical College, Dhaka

Detail fees structure for Foreign Students in USD ($)

For currency conversion USD ($) to INR (INR)  Click Here

For Indian Students Best Choice

  • Dhaka National Medical College (US$ 48000)
  • Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College (US$43000 Including Hostel)
  • Southern Medical College (US$ 39000 Including Hostel 5 years)
  • Monno Medical College (US$ 37500 Hostel $60 per month)
  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College (US$ 38000 Including Hostel 5 years)
  • Barinda Medical College (US$ 37000 Including Hostel 5 years)
  • Eastern Medical College (US$ 41500 Including Hostel 5 years)
  • Bangladesh Medical College Dhanmondi Campus (US$ 45000)
  • Medical College for Women’s (US$ 48000 AC Hostel $130 per month)

Details MBBS Packages in different Medical Colleges mentioned Click Here MBBS Fees in Bangladesh

Contact: Smile Education (SAARC Authorised admission consultant)

Helpline 9903-033-033
4, Santoshpur Lake West Road.
Jadavpur (Near – 10 min from KPC Medical College and Hospital)
Kolkata‬ -700075
Ph: 0983126-3838 / 0903864-3838 / 983126-3838

Green Life Medical College Fees 2018-19

For Foreign Students :
Development fee
Admission fee (One time)
Tuition fee (Per year) for next 4 Years
Total PackageUSD40,000
Hostel accommodation & Food :
150 per month

About Green Life Medical College Dhaka See Here

Green Life Medical College Dhaka Brochure Download Prospectus Green Life Medical College 2013-14

Contact for Admission in Green Life Medical College, Dhaka

Fees | Green Life Medical College Fees Details | Low Fees MBBS College

Indian Students convert US $ to I.N.R
Nepali Student convert U.S $ to NPR Nepalese Rupee
Sri Lankan Student convert U.S$ to LKR Sri Lankan Rupee

Find Fees Structured for Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh Click Here



Tairunnessa Medical College Fees

Fees Breakup of Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College (TMMCH)

For Admission Contact Smile Education (Authorised)

Fees Structure for students Only for Nepal and India. (SESSION 2018-2019)

A. At the time of admission:Mode of Payment:
2. 1st  APRIL, 2019US $   5,500.00
3. 1st    OCT,   2019US $   5,500.00
4. 1st   APRIL, 2020US $   3,000.00
5. 1st     OCT,   2020US $   3,000.00
6. 1st   APRIL, 2021US $   3,000.00
7. 1st     OCT,   2021US $   3,000.00
8. 1st  APRIL, 2022US $   3,000.00
GROUND TOTAL:US $  40,000.00

Fees Structure for students Only for Maldives and Sri Lanka

Fees Structure for students Only for Maldives and Srilanka (SESSION 2018-2019)

A. At the time of admission: Mode of Payment:
2. 1st  APRIL, 2019US $   6,000.00
3. 1st    OCT,   2019US $   4 ,000.00
4. 1st  APRIL, 2020US $   4,000.00
5. 1st    OCT,   2020US $   4,000.00
6. 1st  APRIL, 2021US $   4,000.00
7. 1st    OCT,   2021US $   4,000.00
8. 1st   APRIL, 2022US $   1,000.00
GROUND TOTAL:US $   42,000.00

Fees Structure for students Only for Nepal and India. (SESSION 2018-2019)

Fees Structure for students Only for Nepal and India US$ 40,000 in complete package 5 years MBBS Course


International Medical College Bangladesh
International Medical College Bangladesh

Admission fees and other charges for the students of MBBS course

For Bangladeshi Students :
Development fee
11, 00,000.00
Admission fee
Other fees (Per year)
Readmission fee
Tuition fee
6,000.00 (Pre-clinical) per month
8,000.00 (Clinical) per month
Hostel accommodation :
1000.00 per month

Tuition fee is payable on monthly basis within the first week of each month. Failure of payment on due date will result in a fine of Tk. 10.00 per day. For delay of one month in payment, student’s name will be struck off from the attendance register.

For failure of payment within two months, admission will be cancelled. In that case, re-admission will be required on payment of Tk. 25, 000.00 as Re-admission fee.

N.B: Students obtaining golden A+ will get rebate of Tk. 50,000.00 on admission. 

Fees Details for Foreign Students :
Development fee
Admission fee
Other fees (Per year)
Readmission fee
Tuition fee
175 (Pre-clinical) per month
200 (Clinical) per month
Hostel accommodation :
30 per month

All other rules/regulations will equally apply for both Bangladeshi and Foreign students.